This highly fragmented market is getting an organizational overhaul where each vendor has been organized via a categorization scheme to make it easier to filter and compare.

Over 200 vendors have been compiled, each with detailed profiles for those offering:

  • Digital interviews
  • AI screening tools
  • Assessment-based hiring platforms 
  • Specialized products (i.e., IT/coding assessments, simulations, game-based assessments, etc.)
  • Talent marketplaces that include assessments
  • On-demand tests
  • Assessment-focused consulting

Expert analysis not just of vendors, but also of the market trends including what is hot, what is not, and where the market is heading along with the market size and growth estimates will also be provided. 

Research will be compiled into a report, as well as accessible through an interactive website, allowing for self-exploration and data visualizations. A curated library of research reports and articles will also be accessible from the platform. 


Where Else Is Data Like This Available?

Research at this level of depth has never been provided in a single comprehensive report or resource. While the team at Rocket-Hire has put out Pre-Hire Assessment Buyer's Guides since 2003, the depth of research and accessibility of data goes further than any of these previous reports. 

Compiled by domain experts with over 20 years of experience building and implementing assessments as well as performing assessment market analysis, the team at Rocket-Hire creates more than a report, but rather an interactive resource with valuable information for both hiring executives and investors.

Detail relating to each vendor includes:

    • Investments
    • Product mix
    • M&A activities
    • Revenue
    • Differentiators
    • Expert analyst opinion
    • Candidate experience rating
    • Science quality rating
    • And more



Who Is
This For? 

Whether you're in talent acquisition searching for the right solution for your organization, a vendor exploring the competition in your space, or you are researching to invest in the space, the experts at Rocket-Hire have thoroughly compiled data that is valuable to both segments. 


Our researchers are finalizing our review and will be making information available in December 2020.

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